Eclipse Content Assist auto-complete (Ctrl +Space) disabled ?

Content Assist(Ctrl + Space)  is an auto-complete feature in Eclipse that helps in easy and fast coding. Popup windows  are displayed to propose possible text choices to complete a phrase , methods or arguments.

But sometimes this feature stops functioning and becomes almost impossible to write code.

Here are few steps that can help to bring back or enable Content assist feature.

1. Go to Windows-> Preferences

Now go to Java>Editor>Content Assist and Java>Editor>Content Assist>Advanced  and enable settings for which you want to enable auto-complete.

Click “Result Defaults” if you don’t know what to do.


2.  Make New Workspace and import your projects into New Workspace. Restart Eclipse.

3. One of the main reasons of Content assist not working is Ctrl + Space keys bound to another application . Make sure that no other application uses these set of keys. For eg. In Linux Ctrl +Space does not work because of SCIM feature to change input method installed . Make sure it is disabled.

4. Make sure that your Operating System Language and settings are set to En-US