***glibc detected*** malloc(): memory corruption: 0x0916c100 *** error



Memory corruption error comes when you are doing something on memory which is not available.

Like Writing,Reading and freeing.

Some common examples are

  • Reading/writing to memory out of the bounds of a dynamically allocated array
  • Attempting to write a memory which was never allocated
  • Attempting to free a memory already freed
  • Writing to a freed memory
  • Writing to an unallocated memory


  • Check the above common mistakes
  • Check all malloc() expressions in your code
  • Check if data is copied to an allocated memory whose allocated length is less than data(ex. in memcpy() statements)
  • This error usually comes while allocating memory to arrays like
pointer = (char *) malloc(strlen(Array_B));

the above statement overflows by 1 byte. You should use-

pointer = (char *) malloc(strlen(Array_B)+1);

to avoid any memory corruptions.