Changing Language / Locale in CentOS

CentOS supports multiple languages

To change language in CentOS

  • Go to System>Administration>Language
  • Provide root password if not logged in as root
  • Select a language and click OK

You can also change language from login screen.

To start Language Selection tool from Terminal type


and provide root password.

Changing Locale

  • To see list of available locales type following in terminal

locale -a

  • Now to change the locale type

export LANG=<some_locale>

For Example to change to Japanese locale do the following

export LANG=ja_JP.utf8

Type locale in terminal to confirm the change.

This sets the locale to Japanese for CURRENT CONSOLE only.

Applications started from this console will open in Japanese locale, If you open a new console or start application from somewhere else then it will open in default system Language.