Installing ant on Windows 7, Vista, Xp

ANT   is a java build tool to do various tasks like compile, assemble, test/run java applications.

Easiest way to use ant is through command -line . 

Here are the Steps to Install Ant on Windows

  • Download ant package from
  • Extract the downloaded file
  • Right Click “Computer” and click Properties to open System Information  or go to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\System 

  • Click on “Advanced System Settings ”  to open System Properties window.
  • Select ” Advanced” tab and click on “Environment Variables” button at the bottom
  • Add a  “New User Variable” with Variable Name as ANT_HOME and Variable Value as path to your extracted ant folder (Folder that contains bin folder) like C:\apache-ant-1.8.2
  • Now in “System Variables” select and edit “Path”. 
  • Add the path to bin folder like C:\apache-ant-1.8.2\bin  or  %ANT_HOME%\bin . Click OK
To check if ANT has been installed , Open Command Prompt (Shift + Right Click in any folder) and type any ant command like ant -version