Get You Tube’s New Layout before Official release.

You tube is changing its layout but the  new design has not been released officially.

You can get new design as follows:

For Chrome:

  • Go to YouTube Homepage
  • Press Ctrl+Shift+J to open Developer Tools
  • Click on the “Console” Tab and paste the following
  • Press “Enter” and reload YouTube homepage to get new Layout

For Firefox:

  • Press “Enter” and reload YouTube homepage to get new Layout.


New Layout


You Tube Video Full Screen Problems

YouTube is largest video sharing website on the web.

Problems switching to Full Screen

  • Whenever Users click full screen icon on a video, the video reloads again and  deletes the already buffered data.  So users with slow download speed have to wait  on switching to full screen and back
  • In Full Screen Mode user cannot do other tasks as freely , you have to exit to do other things
How to Fix ?

Changing User Settings


  • YouTube videos are played at 360p by default
but when a User clicks on Full Screen icon the video gets changed to 480p for video quality and buffer is reloaded.
  1. Login to your YouTube Account
  2. Go to settings > Playback Setup and check the option  “I have a slow connection. Never play higher-quality video”
  3. Save Changes
You Tube Full Screen Settings
Now the video will not reload when you are logged in.


GreaseMonkey Script

  • If you are using Firefox then you can solve this problem by installing a user script for Grease Monkey
  1. Install GreaseMonkey addon on Firefox
  2. Install this User Script (Buffers the video without autoplaying, removes in-video ads, and puts it in hd if the option is on) on Greasemonkey.
Rebuffering problem will be solved


Stretch to Browser’s Size (Best Way)


  • One more way to solve the full screen problem and multi-tasking while playing video is to stretch the Video to occupy your Browser’s window.
  1. Open a YouTube video like
  2. Rewrite this URL to .   Just copy the UniqueID (hC_M6PzXS9g in above example) and go to URL
  3. Now you can resize the window to any size without rebuffering and switch to other tabs and tasks without any problems

Shortest URL on the Web

Google’s  Chinese page is shortest Url on the web !  and are domains for Google’s Chinese operations, both now redirect to Google’s Hong Kong homepage ( )